Who We Are

We are Raw Energy an organisation that is dedicated towards helping young carers in Adelaide get emotional and financial support. We work all year round to provide young carers with opportunities to interact with others and live a better life. We have a team of experts who provide counselling to young carers feeling hopeless, depressed, de-motivated and anxious due to their current condition. They can freely talk to us, share what they feel and get emotional and financial support. We also organise events and programs to help young carers across Adelaide, South Australia. Our highly potential volunteers team ensure that you get a break from your duties and attend fun events and outings. We help you bond with others and feel loved and supported by other carers so that you can improve social and mental well-being. We can also arrange picnics for young carers aged between 7-12. For more details, you can call us or reach our customer care team. We are here to support and guide you all.

Our Mission

Most young carers are unpaid, overburdened and stressed. Our prime aim is to help them overcome challenges of being a carer at such a young age. Our other primary objects include the following.

Better Home Life

We strive to help young carers by taking on their responsibility to allow them to have a better life at home without stress or hassle. We keep them in good spirits so that they can establish strong familial connections and bonds and create a healthy living environment

Proper Funding

Many young carer’s family struggle financially which is why we help them by raising money and paying for their tuition, medical bills of the dependant etc. We help them achieve their goals and dreams by giving them secure funding that will help them do what they want.

Provide Guidance

Many young carers feel lonely and lost. They socially isolated and don’t have anyone to talk about their issues. We provide them support and guidance. We listen to their problems and help them cope with whatever they are going through so that they can have a more wholesome and comprehensive understanding of things.

Raise Awareness

Often young carers don’t know they are carers and they can seek assistance. Thus, we raise awareness through our program not just for the carers but for others too. Young carers believe that caring is a noble cause, but the study reveals when the carers do not get adequate support, it negatively impacts their mental and physical health. Thus, awareness is important.

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Upcoming Events
  • September 26, 2023 |
  • Adelaide

Every month we hold a seminar for young carers to help them cope with their situation better. We provide them the resources to cope with their tough situations and take a break from their hectic schedules. Likeminded carers aged 12-15 can speak to each other and to professionals at the seminar to get some guidance for their future roles and professions.

  • October 10, 2023 |
  • Adelaide

Join us to raise awareness about young carers in Adelaide and let locals know their plight. Our speakers are all well-certified and trained to speak about carers and have complete knowledge of what these carers go through. We help locals understand how hard it is for these carers and how we must show them compassion and interact with them to help them ease their plight.

  • November 30, 2023 |
  • Adelaide

We are hosting a fun picnic for all our volunteers, young carers and staff to relieve stress and enjoy! You can bring your own food, drinks and games and enjoy a gala time here. We want to make our carer and staff enjoy as much as they can because they deserve it. This event will help them take a break from their hectic lives and enjoy a sunny day filled with laughter and good times.

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You can help us run our young carer support program effectively and help young carers get emotional and financial support. Young carers in Adelaide are overburdened and need assistance to live normal and healthy lives. They need friendships, social interactions, outlining, shopping and much more to feel young and carefree. So, become a volunteer to help a child or teen in need now! In Australia, there are more than 235,000 young carers and a significant percentage of them live in Adelaide and other parts of South Australia. They might be taking care of a parent, sibling, other relative or friend. If you can extend support to these carers as a volunteer, they will be able to deal with the situation in a much better way. They will stay strong and least likely to get stressed out.

Our Team

Raw Energy’s Young Carer Support Program is thriving and running successfully
because of the follow people.


Julia is the founder of Raw Energy and she is a psychologist with over 15 years of experience.


She is a dear friend of Julia and an experienced psychologist as well with 10 years of experience.


He is an experienced professional with a Master’s Degree in Management and 13 years of experience.


He has a degree in Mass Communication and over 9 years of experience ofmanaging PR & Communication.


She is a professional event planner with 8 years of experience. She supervises all of ourevents


He is a certified and qualified therapist with over 10 years of experience of helping young carers.


He has helped hundreds of young carers especially under the age of 12 to cope with & battle stress.


She is a compassionate guide who was young carer herself and helps teenagers who care for a dependent.










Read personal stories shared with us by young carers in Adelaide.

Hello, I am Liliana and I am 13-year old. I live with my parents in Glenelg which is a suburb of Adelaide. I am carer for my mother who suffers from arthritis. It causes her chronic pain and restricts movement.

Hello I am Jason. I am a young carer for my grandparents and currently in school in the 11th grade. I have been caring for my pop-pop and grammy for more than 5 years because my mum is a single parent.

Hello to whoever is reading my story. I am Jane a 15 year old carer of my mother and little sister. My mother suffers from trigeminal neuralgia (TN) that causes debilitating pain that makes it difficult for her to lead a normal healthy life.

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