Program Benefits

At Raw Energy, we have the young carer support program to help children and teens under the age of 18 years to get the mental and emotional support they need to live a healthy and normal life. Often, children and teenagers taking care of a dependant cannot enjoy their life, keep friends, interact with others socially or have confidence. Due to their responsibilities, they are unable to study effectively or plan their future. Therefore, it stunts their development and reduces their chances of making a good living as an adult.

Through our program, we help them get the support they need to mature, thrive and become better versions of themselves without feeling guilty about being a carer. If you are 18 years old or under the age of 18, get in touch with us to talk with our counsellors. They will help you understand how the program can make completing your carer responsibilities without feeling unappreciated or overwhelmed. You can expect to get much needed support through the program and get to know about other young carers. You can connect with them to know that you are not alone.

Who Can Enrol?

Want to become a part Raw Energy’s our young carer support program? It is simple. You have to be a young carer aged between 5-18 years.You are eligible for support whether you take care of a parent, sibling, grandparent, relative, or friend. Our program is suitable for any young person taking care of a dependant with chronic illness, mental illness, disability, terminal disease, addiction or any issues related to old age.

To know if you can get support through our program, please feel free to give us a call, write an email or come visit our centre. If you know a young carer that can benefit from the program, you can fill in the application form in their stead as well.

What Is Offered Through Our Program?

One of the reasons why our program is highly recommended and useful is that young carers benefita lot from it. Here are some advantages of enrolling with Raw Energy’s young carer support program in Adelaide.

Through Assessment

We believe in assessing every carer’ssituation to providecustomised solutions. Each carer is unique and requires special attention. Thus, our councillors get to know their history and current situation. It helps usrecommend solutions like someone taking over the responsibilities to help the carer get a break, provide assistance with travelling, schedule massages or other things to relieve stress and more.

Breaks & Respite

Many young carers crave that someone takes their place for a few hours or even days so that they can relax and unwind. With our program that recruits volunteers we can help them schedule breaks and respite care. Additionally, we can arrange for a dependant to be placed in a care home while the carer goes on vacation, trips or stay at home to recuperatefrom exhaustion, stress etc.

Financial Support

Since most young carers cannot work or only work parttime, it is natural they require financial assistance. Thus, we help them raise funds through a charity event or set up a fundraising account.

Host Events

Every year we host a variety of events to help young carers gain awareness, seek options for help, raise funds, and connect with other carers. We conduct picnics, lunches, seminars, fundraisers, charity functions and much more to help our carers know that they can rely on our program.

Support For Studying

We help young carers connect with homework clubs, home-schooling teachers, or tutors to provide the additional attention young carers in schools need. Though the added assistance, the carers can maintain their grades and get a chance to create a bright future.